YugaByte supports an automatically sharded, clustered & elastic Redis-as-a-Database in a Redis driver compatible manner. A Redis client can connect, send request, and receive result from YugaByte servers.

Data Types

The following datatypes can be read and written via Redis service. All data are on-disk persistent in YugaByte system.

DataType Development Status
string Supported
hash Supported
set Supported
sorted set Supported
list Not yet supported
time series New datatype in YugaByte!


Redis-cli or any Redis applications can access YugaByte database system. The following Redis commands are accepted.

Command Description
APPEND Append data to end of string
AUTH Not supported. Accepted without processing
CONFIG Not supported. Accepted without processing
DEL Delete keys from a database
ECHO Output messages
EXISTS Check if the keys are present
FLUSHALL Delete all keys from all databases
FLUSHDB Delete all keys from a database
GET Read string value
GETRANGE Read substring
GETSET Atomically read and write a string
HDEL Remove specified entries from a hash
HEXISTS Check if the subkeys are present in the hash
HGET Read a field in hash
HGETALL Read all the contents in a hash
HKEYS Read all value-keys in a hash
HLEN Get the number of entries in a hash
HMGET Read values for the given keys in a hash
HMSET Write values for the given keys in a hash
HSET Write one entry in a hash
HSTRLEN Read the length of a specified entry in a hash
HVALS Read all values in a hash
INCR Increment the value by one
MGET Read multiple keys
MSET Write multiple key values
ROLE Read role of a node
SADD Add entries to a set
SCARD Read the number of entries in a set
SET Write or overwrite a string value
SETRANGE Write a subsection of a string
SISMEMBER Check if the members are present in a set
SMEMBERS Read all members of a set
SREM Remove members from a set
STRLEN Read the length of a string
TSADD Add a time series entry
TSGET Retrieve a time series entry
TSRANGEBYTIME Retrieve time series entries for a given time range
TSREM Delete a time series entry
ZADD Add a sorted set entry
ZCARD Get cardinality of a sorted set
ZRANGEBYSCORE Retrieve sorted set entries for a given score range
ZREM Delete a sorted set entry
ZREVRANGE Retrieve sorted set entries for given index range ordered from highest to lowest score