KairosDB is a Java-based time-series metrics API that leverages Cassandra as it’s underlying distributed database. This page shows how it can be integrated with YugaByte DB’s Cassandra API.

1. Start Local Cluster

Follow Quick Start instructions to run a local YugaByte DB cluster. Test YugaByte DB’s Cassandra API as documented so that you can confirm that you have a Cassandra service running on localhost:9042.

2. Download KairosDB

Download KairosDB as stated below. Latest releases are available here.

$ wget
$ tar xvfz kairosdb-1.2.0-0.3beta.tar.gz
$ cd kairosdb/

You can follow the Getting Started to see how to configure KairosDB in general. For the purpose of integrating with the local YugaByte DB cluster running at localhost:9042, simply open conf/ and comment out the default in-memory datastore as below.


Uncomment the following line to make Cassandra the datastore.


3. Start KairosDB

./bin/ run

You should see the following lines if KairosDB starts up successfully.

18:34:01.094 [main] INFO  [] - Started SelectChannelConnector@
18:34:01.098 [main] INFO  [] - Starting service class org.kairosdb.core.telnet.TelnetServer
18:34:01.144 [main] INFO  [] - ------------------------------------------
18:34:01.144 [main] INFO  [] -      KairosDB service started
18:34:01.145 [main] INFO  [] - ------------------------------------------

4. Verify Cassandra integration with cqlsh

  • Run cqlsh to connect to the YugaByte DB’s Cassandra API.
# assuming you are using the macOS or Linux binary
$ ./bin/cqlsh localhost
Connected to local cluster at
[cqlsh 5.0.1 | Cassandra 3.9-SNAPSHOT | CQL spec 3.4.2 | Native protocol v4]
Use HELP for help.
  • Run a cql command to verify it is working.
cqlsh> describe keyspaces;

kairosdb  system_schema  system_auth  system

cqlsh> use kairosdb;
cqlsh:kairosdb> describe tables;

row_keys       data_points    string_index      
row_key_index  service_index  row_key_time_index


5. Test KairosDB

Push data

Push metric data into KairosDB as per the instructions here.

Query data

Query metric data into KairosDB as per the instructions here.