Create Universe

Create Universe

Universe is a cluster of YugaByte DB instances grouped together to perform as one logical distributed database. All instances belonging to a single Universe run on the same type of cloud provider node.

If there are no universes created yet, the Dashboard page will look like the following.

Dashboard with No Universes

Click on “Create Universe” to enter your intent for the universe. The Provider, Regions and Instance Type fields were initialized based on the cloud providers configured. As soon as Provider, Regions and Nodes are entered, an intelligent Node Placement Policy kicks in to specify how the nodes should be placed across all the Availability Zones so that maximum availability is guaranteed.

Here’s how to create a universe on the AWS cloud provider.

Create Universe on AWS

Here’s how a Universe in Pending state looks like.

Dashboard with Pending Universe

Universe detail

Detail for a Pending Universe

Tasks level tracking for a Universe

Tasks for a Pending Universe

Nodes underlying a Universe

Nodes for a Pending Universe