ACID transactions

A transaction is a sequence of operations performed as a single logical unit of work. A transaction has four key properties - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability - commonly abbreviated as ACID.

  • Atomicity All the work in a transaction is treated as a single atomic unit - either all of it is performed or none of it is.

  • Consistency A completed transaction leaves the database in a consistent internal state. This can either be all the operations in the transactions succeeding or none of them succeeding.

  • Isolation This property determines how/when changes made by one transaction become visible to the other. For example, a serializable isolation level guarantees that two concurrent transactions appear as if one executed after the other (that is, as if they occur in a completely isolated fashion). YugabyteDB supports Snapshot, Serializable, and Read Committed isolation levels. Read more about the different levels of isolation.

  • Durability The results of the transaction are permanently stored in the system. The modifications must persist even in the instance of power loss or system failures.

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