What's new in the v2.17 preview release series

Included here are the release notes for all releases in the v2.17 release series. Content will be added as new notable features and changes are available in the patch releases of the v2.17 release series.

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v2.17.0.0 - December 8, 2022




docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:

New features

YugabyteDB Anywhere

  • [PLAT-4138] Hot reload of certificates
  • [PLAT-5498] [xCluster] Backend support to restart replication for a subset of tables in one config
  • [PLAT-6082] [PLAT-6194] [PLAT-6195] Incremental backups are now available in beta


  • [11849] [YSQL] Add distributed storage access statistics to EXPLAIN ANALYZE
  • [12953] [YSQL] Populate query termination entry in pg_stat with OOM and seg fault errors
  • [13807] [xCluster] Add APIs for changing role
  • [DB-2705] [YSQL] Introduce GFlag to control local file access


YugabyteDB Anywhere

  • [PLAT-2677] [PLAT-4687] Add GFlags metadata dynamically from the DB package into the platform for every kind of release
  • [PLAT-4563] Add Tablet splitting docDB metrics
  • [PLAT-4591] [PLAT-4593] [PLAT-6060] [PLAT-6061] [K8s] [UI] Allow specifying universe level helm overrides in UI
  • [PLAT-5077] [PLAT-5615] Implement xCluster info banner & improve lag and alert queries
  • [PLAT-5236] Add xCluster table status support on UI
  • [PLAT-5295] Option to change backup expiry
  • [PLAT-5374] [PLAT-5385] Create an alert in the case of snapshot failure, use restore snapshot schedule
  • [PLAT-5414] [PLAT-5415] Added Ansible Configure task for copying xxhsum bin before backup/restore
  • [PLAT-5426] Implement Restart XCluster Config Modal
  • [PLAT-5530] Rename "Full Name" to "Customer Name"
  • [PLAT-5620] [PLAT-6113] Update the add table modal with the new table selection interface
  • [PLAT-5640] [PLAT-5646] [PLAT-5670] Improve xCluster table selection
  • [PLAT-5647] [PLAT-5835] Create HARD_REBOOT node action and make it idempotent/retryable
  • [PLAT-5661] [PLAT-5820] Add non-blocking validation and harden the create xCluster config form
  • [PLAT-5684] List Delete backups task at universe level
  • [PLAT-5693] Show submitting state while waiting for create xCluster config reponse.
  • [PLAT-5705] Improve the command to check the available memory on the DB nodes for software upgrades
  • [PLAT-5748] Enable restarting a subset of xCluster config tables
  • [PLAT-5761] [PLAT-5762] Incremental backup schedule fixes and improvements
  • [PLAT-5765] Add Disk/Container size metrics
  • [PLAT-5822] Update xCluster config actions interfaces
  • [PLAT-6091] [PLAT-6126] Onprem custom home directory, Throw Bad Request in the case of a ybc backup restore to a non-ybc universe
  • [PLAT-6104] [Incremental Backups] [UI] Throw UI warning for full backup deletion request when associated incremental backup in progress
  • [PLAT-6110] [Incremental Backup] [UI] Provide edit option for Incremental Backup Interval in schedule backup policy
  • [PLAT-6128] [PLAT-6129] Edit Incremental Schedule Backup frequency and reduce its minimum requirement


  • [13207] [yugabyted] code changes for enabling SSL communication in the go apiserver and support UI launch with secure cluster.
  • [13216] [yugabyted] Updating the help section of start command for --secure and --insecure flags
  • [13367] [YSQL] Avoid using plain text LDAP password via env variable
  • [13815] [YSQL] Enhance passwordcheck with more checks
  • [14265] [DocDB] speedup split child tablet local bootstrap by copying in-memory retryable requests structure from parent tablet
  • [14533] [DocDB] Colocated table creation optimization

Bug fixes

YugabyteDB Anywhere

  • [PLAT-583] Pass scrape interval from replicated to yugaware config
  • [PLAT-3812] [PLAT-6299] Verify that upgrade tasks don't need all the intent from UI
  • [PLAT-4678] Fix Abort backup API call in backups tab page
  • [PLAT-4931] [PLAT-5650] Remove dependency overrides for jackson libraries
  • [PLAT-5001] YSQL password is cut-off at $
  • [PLAT-5147] [PLAT-5655] [PLAT-5851] Make ybc backups/restores idempotent
  • [PLAT-5198] Update read replica userIntent for useSystemd when upgrading to systemd
  • [PLAT-5253] Allow restore with new keyspace name containing hyphens, and also backed-up keyspace having hyphens
  • [PLAT-5588] Backup/restore will handle retrieving credentials when IMDSv2 is set on EC2 instance
  • [PLAT-5594] Backup size misreported on completion using IAM role
  • [PLAT-5630] [PLAT-5827] Custom hook config exposed via runtime Configs
  • [PLAT-5638] Fix failing yqslsh connectivity health checks
  • [PLAT-5639] Fix deletion of expired scheduled backups
  • [PLAT-5641] Add form validation for invalid chars in xCluster config name
  • [PLAT-5677] Fix memory leak in task executor shutdown
  • [PLAT-5710] S3 restore fails when using an IAM role on the K8s service account
  • [PLAT-5715] Fix protoc file name for ARM in node-agent build.sh
  • [PLAT-5756] [PLAT-6209] Fixing systemd nodeops
  • [PLAT-5768] Update lag metric name for table-level lag graph
  • [PLAT-5770] Copy access key metadata information from the latest active key
  • [PLAT-5771] Issues when universe is created with custom ports
  • [PLAT-5825] Raise Exception in case node is unreachable via ssh
  • [PLAT-5828] Fix: Wrong storage location is sent when restoring entire backup
  • [PLAT-5860] Properly handle storage config validation failure before backup
  • [PLAT-5863] Show schema name for YSQL tables during xCluster config creation
  • [PLAT-5867] [PLAT-5907] Creating universe with primary + read replica together is broken
  • [PLAT-5880] [YBC] Wait for TASK_COMPLETE before interpreting task status
  • [PLAT-5900] [PLAT-5901] Have a boolean flag in list response for "All tables" in YCQL backup
  • [PLAT-5914] Edit read replica failure. Exception in pinging the yb-controller server
  • [PLAT-5985] [PLAT-6001] Fix: support bundle not picking ybclog options, Remove empty row in Node Action
  • [PLAT-5989] Move scrape_interval_sec to reference.conf
  • [PLAT-6009] Fix: All metrics are in loading state in UI
  • [PLAT-6013] [xCluster] Add a YBDB version check before performing IsBootstrapRequired
  • [PLAT-6017] Fix incorrect query key for target universe in xCluster details
  • [PLAT-6035] [xCluster] Comparing table ids is incorrect for bidirectional replication
  • [PLAT-6042] Fix kubernetes CPU usage graph
  • [PLAT-6053] [PLAT-6054] Enable toggling force delete for xCluster config
  • [PLAT-6069] Fix: Incremental Backup location same as Full Backup Location
  • [PLAT-6074] Decrypt against all key versions for a key in azure KMS
  • [PLAT-6075] Fix: Bring backup duration for non-incremental and full backups
  • [PLAT-6080] [Backup] [UI] Not able to select backups checkbox
  • [PLAT-6123] [Backup] Show parallel thread if current backup is not YBC enabled
  • [PLAT-6124] enable_api_triggered_hooks flag should change if yb.cloud.enabled is modified at runtime
  • [PLAT-6125] Fix: Node Connect Action does not update access key when universe details is updated
  • [PLAT-6137] Update xCluster card task link
  • [PLAT-6154] Avoid deletion of expired backups with missing storage config
  • [PLAT-6160] Fix the VM Image upgrade issue with YBC.
  • [PLAT-6187] Fix hardcoded default toggle values
  • [PLAT-6196] [Backup] Advanced Restore Modal not working
  • [PLAT-6197] [Backup] Use "allType" for determining backup select type
  • [PLAT-6230] In k8s overrides fix overrides overwriting each other data. Restrict kubernetes overrides validation to only top level keys.
  • [PLAT-6237] Fix the universe API calls to send enableYbc as true only during create universe and software upgrade
  • [PLAT-6246] [xCluster] Delete xCluster task should not change status if it is in DeletedUniverse status
  • [PLAT-6261] [PLAT-6300] Reboot is broken in master
  • [PLAT-6271] Outlier table implementation and numerous bug fixes
  • [PLAT-6323] Using universeDefinitionTaskParams struct for node tasks instead of default values of NodeTaskParams.


  • [10935] [CDCSDK] Add Active time when adding child tablets to cdc_state table
  • [12068] [14047] [xCluster] Fix shutdown path of CDCConsumer
  • [14005] [DocDB] fix potential duplicate WRITE_OP due to split and rpc timeout interference
  • [14056] [DocDB] Support xCluster + Packed columns when Producer/Consumer schema_versions don't match
  • [14109] [DocDB] Fix wait for safe time timeout by cleanup aborts task
  • [14112] [yugabyted] Hiding DB password from the logs
  • [14136] [YSQL] Enable yb_db_admin to ALTER/DROP/CREATE triggers like a superuser
  • [14212] [YSQL] Optimize relation's rd_replidindex preloading
  • [14289] [DocDB] Include subtransaction_id in value of weak intents
  • [14296] [DST] Packed + Backup/Restore - Merge schema packing history on restore
  • [14298] [14668] [DST] [PITR] MetaCache flips replica state from failed to not failed for hidden tablets
  • [14343] [xCluster] Introduce Backoff Mechanism to Txn Coordinator External Retry Logic
  • [14379] [DocDB] Fix Flags generated files for LTO builds
  • [14394] [yugabyted] gen_certs.sh file not present in the release versions.
  • [14407] [YSQL] Fix missing NULL check for MyBEEntry in pgstat_report_query_termination()
  • [14426] [yugabyted] Added validation for hostnames provided through CLI.
  • [14446] [YSQL] Enable yb_db_admin to SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE rows in tables like a superuser
  • [14552] [DST] [PITR] Continue after checking table not found in colocated list
  • [14552] [DST] [PITR] Do not crash if table not found from colocated list
  • [14555] [xCluster] Use xCluster Role to determine when xCluster safe time is computed
  • [14582] [DocDB] Fix livelock issue in pessimistic locking
  • [14596] [DocDB] JSON escape the GFlags in CallHome
  • [14632] [DocDB] disallow packed row for colocated tables
  • [14643] [DocDB] Fix strongly typed bool constants
  • [14652] Fix xcluster_safe_time_service Init
  • [14713] [yugabyted] 'yugabyted status' command shows Stopped even when the node is destroyed.
  • [14714] [DocDB] Un-hide enable_wait_queue_based_pessimistic_locking flag
  • [14797] [DocDB] Prevent repeat resumption of waiting operation if first resumption was error
  • [14826] [DocDB] Rename enable_wait_queue_based_pessimistic_locking to enable_wait_queues
  • [14855] [yugabyted] Prevent Java install check for yugabyted start command.

Known issues