Third party tools

Third party tools

Use popular third party clients with YugabyteDB

Because YugabyteDB is compatible with PostgreSQL and Cassandra, you can use third-party clients to connect to your YugabyteDB clusters.


YugabyteDB prerequisites

To use these tools with YugabyteDB, you should have a cluster up and running, and you will need to know the connection parameters required by the client to connect to your cluster.

To create a local cluster, follow the steps in Quick start.

To create a cluster in YugabyteDB Aeon, follow the steps in Create a cluster. In addition, do the following:

Connection parameters

To connect, follow the client's configuration steps, and use the following values:

Setting Local installation YugabyteDB Aeon
Hostname localhost or the IP address of a node The cluster hostname as displayed on the cluster Settings tab
Port 5433 (YSQL) 9042 (YCQL) 5433 (YSQL) 9042 (YCQL)
Database Database name (yugabyte is the default) Database name (yugabyte is the default)
Username yugabyte or cassandra Database username (admin is the default)
Password yugabyte or cassandra
Leave blank if authentication is not enabled
Database user password

YugabyteDB Aeon requires TLS. Use the certificate you downloaded for connections to YugabyteDB Aeon clusters.