Arctype is a collaborative SQL database client that is free to use and cross platform. It offers one-click query sharing for teams, and you can visualize query output and combine multiple charts and tables into a dashboard.

Arctype also features integrated support for connecting to YugabyteDB clusters.

This document describes how to connect to YugabyteDB using Arctype.

Arctype application

Before you begin

Your YugabyteDB cluster should be up and running. Refer to YugabyteDB Prerequisites.

Install Arctype

Download clients for Windows, Linux, and Mac from the Arctype website.

Create a database connection

Follow these steps to connect your Arctype desktop client to YugabyteDB:

  1. Launch the Arctype desktop client.

  2. Follow the in-app prompts to create and log into your Arctype account.

  3. On the "Connect a Database" step, select YugabyteDB.

    Connect YugabyteDB

  4. Enter your YugabyteDB connection parameters.

  5. Click Test Connection and, if the connection is successful, click Save.

    Enter connection parameters

You can see the schemas and tables available in the YugabyteDB in the navigation panel.

YugabyteDB database connection

You've successfully created a connection to your YugabyteDB database, and you can now start querying and visualizing your DB using Arctype.

What's Next

To learn more about Arctype, refer to the Arctype documentation.

To learn about Arctype integration with Yugabyte, refer to the YugabyteDB Integrates with Arctype SQL Client blog post and YugabyteDB in the Arctype documentation.

YugabyteDB includes sample databases for you to explore. Refer to Sample datasets.