Back up universe YCQL data

You can use YugabyteDB Anywhere to back up your YugabyteDB universe YCQL data. This includes actions such as deleting and restoring the backup, as well as restoring and copying the database location.

If you are using YBA version 2.16 or later to manage universes with YugabyteDB version 2.16 or later, you can additionally create incremental backups and configure backup performance parameters.

For information on how to schedule backups for a later time or as a recurring task, see Schedule universe YCQL data backups.

Note that non-transactional backups are not supported.

To view, restore, or delete existing backups for your universe, navigate to that universe and select Backups, as per the following illustration:

Create Backup

By default, the list displays all the backups generated for the universe regardless of the time period. You can configure the list to only display the backups created during a specific time period, such as last year, last month, and so on. In addition, you can specify a custom time period.

Create backups

The Backups page allows you to create new backups that start immediately, as follows:

  1. Click Backup now to open the dialog shown in the following illustration:


  2. In the Backup Now dialog, select YCQL as the API type.

  3. Complete the Select the storage config you want to use for your backup field whose list depends on your existing backup storage configurations. For more information, see Configure backup storage.

  4. Select the database to back up.

  5. Specify whether you want to back up all tables in the keyspace to which the database belongs or only certain tables. If you choose Select a subset of tables, a Select Tables dialog opens allowing you to select one or more tables to back up.

  6. Specify the period of time during which the backup is to be retained. Note that there's an option to never delete the backup.

  7. Optionally, specify the number of threads that should be available for the backup process.

  8. Click Backup.

If the universe has encryption at rest enabled, data files are backed up as-is (encrypted) to reduce the computation cost of a backup and to keep the files encrypted. A universe key metadata file containing key references is also backed up.

View backup details

To view detailed information about an existing backup, click on it to open Backup Details shown in the following illustration:

Backup details

View all backups

To access a list of all backups from all universes, including the deleted universes, navigate to Backups on the YugabyteDB Anywhere left-side menu, as per the following illustration: