You can use YugabyteDB Anywhere to perform regularly scheduled backups of YugabyteDB universe data for all YSQL tables in a namespace.

To back up your universe YSQL data immediately, see Back up universe YSQL data.

Create a scheduled backup policy

Before scheduling a backup of your universe YSQL data, create a policy, as follows:

  1. Navigate to Universes.

  2. Select the name of the universe for which you want to schedule backups.

  3. Select the Tables tab and click Actions to verify that backups are enabled. If disabled, click Enable Backup.

  4. Select the Backups tab and then select Scheduled Backup Policies.

  5. Click Create Scheduled Backup Policy to open the dialog shown in the following illustration:

    Create Backup form

  6. Provide the backup policy name.

  7. Specify the interval between backups or select Use cron expression (UTC).

  8. Select the backup storage configuration. Notice that the contents of the Select the storage config you want to use for your backup list depends on your existing backup storage configurations. For more information, see Configure backup storage.

  9. Select the database to backup. You may also choose to back up all databases associated with your universe.

  10. Specify the period of time during which the backup is to be retained. Note that there's an option to never delete the backup.

  11. Specify the number of threads that should be available for the backup process.

  12. Click Create.

Subsequent backups are created based on the value you specified for Set backup intervals or Use cron expression.

Disable backups

You can disable all backups, including scheduled ones, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the universe's Tables tab.
  2. Click Actions > Disable Backup.