You can create an admin account via http://<yugabytedbanywhere-host-ip>/register, replacing yugabytedbanywhere-host-ip with the IP address hosting your YugabyteDB Anywhere instance, as per the following example:

The following illustration shows the admin console:


Note that by default, YugabyteDB Anywhere runs as a single-tenant application.

You proceed with the account creation as follows:

  • Select the environment.
  • Enter your new user credentials.
  • Confirm the user agreement.
  • Click Register.

You are now redirected to the login page located at http://<yugabydbanywhere-host-ip>/login. This page allows you to login to YugabyteDB Anywhere using your new credentials.

Once logged in, you may change the information related to your account by clicking User > User Profile at the top right.