Node prerequisites

Prerequisites for YugabyteDB universe nodes

Using YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA), you can deploy YugabyteDB universes on nodes with the following architectures and operating systems.

Supported operating systems and CPU architectures

YBA supports deploying YugabyteDB on both x86 and ARM (aarch64) architecture-based hardware.

YBA supports deploying YugabyteDB on a variety of operating systems. AlmaLinux OS 8 is used by default.

Requirements for all OSes

Python v3.6 or later is required. If you're using YBA to provision nodes in public clouds, be sure the custom AMI you plan to use has Python v3.6 or later installed.

The host AMI must have gtar and zipinfo installed.

Oracle Linux and AlmaLinux notes

YBA support for Oracle Linux 8 and AlmaLinux OS 8 has the following limitations:

  • Oracle Linux 8 uses the firewall-cmd client to set default target ACCEPT.
  • On Oracle Linux 8, only the Red Hat Linux-compatible kernel is supported, to allow port changing. The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) is not supported.
  • Systemd services are only supported in YBA 2.15.1 and later versions.