Install YugabyteDB Anywhere

Install YBA software using Replicated and Docker containers

Use the following instructions to install YugabyteDB Anywhere software. For guidance on which method to choose, see YBA Prerequisites.

Note: For higher availability, one or more additional YugabyteDB Anywhere instances can be separately installed, and then configured later to serve as passive warm standby servers. See Enable High Availability for more information.

Install YugabyteDB Anywhere on a host machine that is connected to the Internet using Replicated.

Install Replicated

The first step is to connect to the host instance and then install Replicated by executing the following command:

curl -sSL | sudo bash

If you are installing Replicated behind a proxy, you need to execute the following command:

curl -x http://<proxy_address>:<proxy_port> | sudo bash

After the Replicated installation completes, verify that it is running by executing the following command:

sudo docker ps --format "{{.ID}}: {{.Image}}: {{.Command}}: {{.Ports}}"

You should see an output similar to the following:

Replicated successfully installed

Set up HTTPS (optional)

Launch the Replicated UI via http://< yugabyte-platform-host-public-ip >:8800. Expect to see a warning stating that the connection to the server is not yet private. This condition is resolved once HTTPS for the Replicated Admin Console is set up. Proceed by clicking Continue to Setup > ADVANCED to bypass the warning and access the Replicated Admin Console, as per the following illustration:

Replicated SSL warning

You can provide your own custom SSL certificate and a hostname, as per the following illustration:

Replicated HTTPS setup

It is recommended that you start with using a self-signed certificate, and then add the custom SSL certificate later. Note that in this case you connect to the Replicated Admin Console using an IP address, as per following illustration:

Replicated Self Signed Cert

Upload the license file

When prompted, upload the Yugabyte license file that you received from Yugabyte, as per the following illustration:

Replicated License Upload

If you are prompted to choose an installation type, choose Online.

If you are offered a choice of software versions, select the one that meets your requirements.

Secure Replicated

Add a password to protect the Replicated Admin Console, which is different from the Admin Console for YugabyteDB used by YugabyteDB Anywhere, as per the following illustration:

Replicated Password

Perform preflight checks

Replicated performs a set of preflight checks to ensure that the host is set up correctly for YugabyteDB Anywhere, as shown in the following illustration:

Replicated Checks

Click Continue to configure YugabyteDB Anywhere.

If the preflight check fails, review the Troubleshoot YugabyteDB Anywhere to resolve the issue.

Set the TLS version for Yugaware frontend

Specify TLS versions via Application config, as shown in the following illustration:

Application Config

The recommended TLS version is 1.2.