Start and stop processes

Start a process

You can restart the node's processes by navigating to Universes, selecting your universe, then selecting Nodes, and then clicking Actions > Start Processes corresponding to the node. This returns the node to the Live state.

In some cases, the system might experience an unrecoverable error. To mitigate, you can use the Release Instance option for the stopped node. This also removes the backing instance. For details, see Remove a node.

Stop a process

If a node needs the intervention, you can click its associated Actions > Stop Processes.

Once the YB-TServer and, possibly, YB-Master server are stopped, the node status is updated and the instance is ready for the planned system changes.

Generally, when a YB-Master is stopped on a node, YugabyteDB Anywhere automatically attempts to start a new YB-Master on another node in the same Availability Zone as the node on which YB-Master is stopped. This ensures that the number of YB-Master servers equals the replication factor (RF) and YB-Master servers are never underreplicated.

It is recommended not to stop more than (RF - 1) / 2 processes at any given time. For example, on an RF=3 cluster with three nodes, there can only be one node with stopped processes to allow the majority of the nodes to perform Raft consensus operations.