Upgrade air-gapped YugabyteDB Anywhere installation

You can upgrade your air-gapped installation of YugabyteDB Anywhere to a newer version as follows:

  1. Manually obtain and move the binary Replicated license file <filename>.rli to the /home/{username}/ directory.

  2. Manually obtain and move the YugabyteDB Anywhere air-gapped package to the /opt/yugabyte/releases/<new_version_dir> directory.

    For example, if you are upgrading to the latest YugabyteDB Anywhere stable version, you would start by executing the following command to obtain the package:

    wget https://downloads.yugabyte.com/releases/

    Then you would create the /opt/yugabyte/releases/yugaware- directory and move (or SCP) the yugaware- file into that directory.

  3. Log in to the Replicated Admin Console at https://:8800/ and navigate to Settings to load the new license file, as per the following illustration:

    Airgap Settings

    Change the two directories to match the ones you used. For example, enter /opt/yugabyte/releases/yugaware- in the Update Path field and /home/{user}/ in the License File field.

    Replicated detects updates based on the updated path information and applies them in the same way it does for connected YugabyteDB Anywhere installations.

  4. Proceed with the YugabyteDB Anywhere upgrade process by following instructions provided in Upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere using Replicated.

  5. Upgrade your YugabyteDB universe by following instructions provided in Upgrade the YugabyteDB software.