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YugabyteDB is a high-performance distributed SQL database for powering global, internet-scale applications. Built using a combination of high-performance document store, per-shard distributed consensus replication, and multi-shard ACID transactions, YugabyteDB serves both scale-out RDBMS and internet-scale OLTP workloads with low query latency, extreme resilience against failures, and global data distribution. As a cloud-native database, it can be deployed across public and private clouds as well as in Kubernetes environments.

YugabyteDB is a good fit for fast-growing, cloud native applications that need to serve business-critical data reliably, with zero data loss, high availability, and low latency.

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Introduction to YugabyteDB

Video: Introducing YugabyteDB: The Distributed SQL Database for Mission-Critical Applications

Learn about YugabyteDB and how it supports mission-critical applications.

Article: How to Scale a Single-Server Database: A Guide to Distributed PostgreSQL

Why you need Distributed PostgreSQL to truly scale.

Blog: Data Replication in YugabyteDB

Learn the different data replication options available with YugabyteDB.

Documentation: YugabyteDB architecture

Learn about the internals of query, transactions, sharding, replication, and storage layers.

Blog: Improving PostgreSQL: How to Overcome the Tough Challenges with YugabyteDB

Problem areas in PostgreSQL and how to resolve them in YugabyteDB.

Migrate from RBDMS

Playlist: Database Migration using YugabyteDB Voyager

Learn how you can migrate databases to YugabyteDB quickly and securely.

Blog: Simplify Database Migration with YugabyteDB Voyager

Use YugabyteDB Voyager to migrate from legacy and single-cloud databases.

Documentation: YugabyteDB Voyager

Simplify migration from legacy and cloud databases to YugabyteDB.

Deployment options

Blog: Multi-Region Best Practices

Techniques to reduce latencies and improve performance in a multi-region deployment.

Blog: Engineering Around the Physics of Latency

Learn about the geo-distributed deployment topologies offered by YugabyteDB.

Article: Local Reads in Geo-Distributed YugabyteDB

Perform local reads in geo-distributed YugabyteDB databases.

Blog: Rapid Data Recovery

Learn how YugabyteDB performs swift data recovery.

Documentation: Resiliency, high availability, and fault tolerance

Learn how YugabyteDB survives and recovers from outages.

Documentation: Horizontal scalability

Handle larger workloads by adding nodes to your cluster.

Develop resilient applications

Documentation: Hello world

Use your favorite programming language to build a Hello world application.

Video: Distributed PostgreSQL Essentials for Developers: Hands-on Course

Learn the essentials of building scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

Documentation: Build global applications

Learn how to design globally distributed applications using patterns.

Documentation: Best practices

Tips and tricks to build applications for high performance and availability.

Documentation: Drivers and ORMs

Connect applications with your database.

Blog: Database Connection Management: Exploring Pools and Performance

Database connection management with YugabyteDB.

Blog: Understanding Client Connections in YugabyteDB YSQL

Understand client connections in YugabyteDB, and how connection pooling helps.