YugabyteDB Anywhere releases

YugabyteDB Anywhere releases


YBA Release series Released End of maintenance support End of Life (EOL)
v2.21 March 26, 2024 n/a n/a
v2.20 November 13, 2023 November 13, 2025 May 13, 2026
v2.18 May 16, 2023 May 16, 2024 November 16, 2024
v2.16 December 14, 2022 December 14, 2023 June 14, 2024
v2.14 July 14, 2022 July 14, 2024 January 14, 2025

For end-of-life releases, see Releases at end of life.

For information on release support policy, see Release support policy.

For information on release versioning, see Versioning.

Compatibility with YugabyteDB

YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA) is a control plane for deploying and managing YugabyteDB universes. You can use YBA to deploy universes with an equivalent or earlier version of YugabyteDB.

Supported versions

Every version of YBA supports the same version and prior releases of YugabyteDB, down to and including the two preceding LTS release series and any intervening STS releases. This provides a span of support of approximately 2 years.

YBA v2.20.x supports the following YugabyteDB release series:

Qualification tests for each new version of YugabyteDB Anywhere are run on the latest version of YugabyteDB in each release series.

YugabyteDB v2.14 and v2.18 End of Maintenance

v2.14 and v2.18 will reach end of maintenance in mid-2024. If you are running universes on these release series, you should consider upgrading those universes to the next LTS release series (v2.20).

For information on managing YugabyteDB releases and upgrading universes using YBA, refer to Upgrade the YugabyteDB software.

For information on YugabyteDB release support timelines, refer to YugabyteDB releases.

Upgrading YBA

Keep YBA up-to-date with the latest stable version to get the latest fixes and improvements, as well as to be able to deploy the latest releases of YugabyteDB.

Note that you cannot deploy or upgrade a universe to a version of YugabyteDB that is later than the version of YugabyteDB Anywhere. To upgrade a universe to a more recent version of YugabyteDB, you may first have to upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere.

Replicated end of life

YugabyteDB Anywhere will end support for Replicated installation at the end of 2024. You can migrate existing Replicated YugabyteDB Anywhere installations using YBA Installer. To perform the migration, you must first upgrade to YBA v2.20.1 or later using Replicated.

For information on upgrading YugabyteDB Anywhere, refer to Upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere.