Upgrade the YugabyteDB software

Perform rolling upgrades on live universe deployments

The YugabyteDB release that is powering a universe can be upgraded to get new features and fixes included in the release.

Upgrading YugabyteDB on deprecated operating systems

If your universe is running on a deprecated OS, you will need to update your OS before you can upgrade to the next major YugabyteDB release. Refer to Patch and upgrade the Linux operating system.

When performing a database upgrade, do the following:

  1. Upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere. You cannot upgrade a universe to a version of YugabyteDB that is later than the version of YugabyteDB Anywhere. To upgrade to a more recent version of YugabyteDB, you may first have to upgrade YugabyteDB Anywhere.

    For information on which versions of YugabyteDB are compatible with your version of YugabyteDB Anywhere, see YugabyteDB Anywhere releases.

  2. Review major changes in previous YugabyteDB releases. Depending on the upgrade you are planning, you may need to make changes to your automation or upgrade your Linux operating system.

  3. View and import releases. Before you can upgrade your universe to a specific version of YugabyteDB, verify that the release is available and, if necessary, import the release into YugabyteDB Anywhere.

  4. Upgrade the universe. Perform a rolling upgrade on a live universe deployment.