Install and upgrade issues

Occasionally, you might encounter issues during installation and upgrade of YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA) using YBA Installer.

If you have problems while troubleshooting, contact Yugabyte Support.

Permissions issue with find command

YBA Installer preflight check fails with the following error:

ERROR[2023-12-08T08:25:58Z] Command 'find as user yugabyte' failed with exit code '1' and stderr 'find: Failed to change directory: Permission denied
find: Failed to change directory: Permission denied
find: Failed to change directory: Permission denied
find: Failed to change directory: Permission denied
find: failed to restore initial working directory: Permission denied

This happens when the user doesn't have sufficient privileges on the yba_installer_full directory where the YBA Installer installation package was untarred.

Affected releases: All

Workaround: Change permissions on yba_installer_full directory to 755.

Preflight check for Prometheus fails

Upgrades fail the preflight check with the following error when run as yba-ctl preflight --upgrade:

time=2024-01-03T19:19:04Z level=error msg=preflight prometheus failed: couldn't parse either scrapeInterval: 15 or scrapeTimeout: 10 to duration. check for appropriate syntax

Affected releases: Upgrading from YBA versions earlier than v2.18.5 to v2.18.5 and later using YBA Installer.

Workaround: Ignore this preflight check. YBA Installer automatically converts the invalid settings to valid values and performs the upgrade.

If you want to have green preflight checks prior to the upgrade, change the scrapeInterval and scrapeTimeout settings in /opt/yba-ctl/yba-ctl.yml to 10s and 15s respectively.

New settings are not automatically updated in yba-ctl.yml

When new default settings are added to yba-ctl.yml in a newer release, they may not be automatically added to yba-ctl.yml of an existing installation after an upgrade.

Affected releases: All

Workaround: If you want to configure the new settings to non-default values, manually add the keys and values to /opt/yba-ctl/yba-ctl.yml. Otherwise, no action is needed.

High availability on Replicated installation with HTTP no longer works after migration

If you have a Replicated installation that uses HTTP and you migrate to YBA Installer, your high availability (HA) setup will no longer work after the migration. This is because YBA Installer always uses HTTPS. YBA Installer will attempt to block the migration if it detects a Replicated installation with HA enabled that uses HTTP.

Affected releases: All

Workaround: Refer to Migration and high availability.

Running low on free disk space

If you are running out of disk space on your YugabyteDB Anywhere node, check the size of the Prometheus directory (default location is /opt/yugabyte/data/prometheus) using the following command:

du -h -s /opt/yugabyte/data/prometheus/storage

If the Prometheus directory is taking up a lot of space, you can reduce its size by changing the retention time and the scrape interval for database metrics.

Affected releases: All

Workaround: Reduce the Prometheus directory size by changing the metrics retention time and scrape interval configuration options.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Reduce the retentionTime and increase the scrapeInterval configuration options in the /opt/yba-ctl/yba-ctl.yml file.
  2. Run yba-ctl reconfigure to reconfigure your YugabyteDB Anywhere instance with the new settings.