Patch and upgrade the Linux operating system

Apply operating system upgrades and patches to universe nodes

You can apply operating system patches and upgrades to running universes on AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Upgrades are performed via a rolling update, where one node in the universe is taken offline, patched, and restarted before updating the next. The universe continues to function normally during this process, however the upgrade can impact performance. For best results, do the following:

  • Perform upgrades during low traffic periods to reduce the impact of rolling updates.
  • Avoid performing upgrades during scheduled backups.


If your universe uses a Linux version managed by YugabyteDB Anywhere, updated images are automatically added to the provider.

If your universe uses a custom Linux version and you want to upgrade to a new custom version, you must first add the updated custom Linux version to the universe provider configuration. Refer to Create cloud provider configuration.

Upgrade Linux version

To apply operating system patch or upgrade, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your universe, click Actions, and choose Upgrade Linux Version.

  2. Select the target version.

  3. If the universe has a read replica, to select a different Linux version for the replica, deselect the Use the same version for the primary cluster and the read replicas option and select the version to use for the read replica.

  4. Specify the delay (in seconds) between restarting servers for the rolling upgrade.

  5. Click Upgrade.

When finished, you can confirm all nodes in the universe are running correctly in YBA by navigating to the universe Nodes tab.