YugabyteDB Anywhere

Self-managed Database-as-a-Service

YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA) is a self-managed database-as-a-service offering from YugabyteDB that allows you to deploy and operate YugabyteDB universes at scale.

Use YugabyteDB Anywhere to automate the deployment and management of YugabyteDB in your preferred environments (spanning on-prem, in the public cloud, and in Kubernetes) and topologies (single- and multi-region).

You can access YugabyteDB Anywhere via an Internet browser that has been supported by its maker in the past 24 months and that has a market share of at least 0.2%. In addition, you can access YugabyteDB Anywhere via most mobile browsers, except Opera Mini.

YugabyteDB Anywhere offers the following built-in roles for user accounts: Super Admin, Admin, Backup Admin, Read only, and Connect only, with the latter having limited access to functionality. Unless otherwise specified, the YugabyteDB Anywhere documentation describes the functionality available to a Super Admin user.

Install YugabyteDB Anywhere on any environment, including Kubernetes, public cloud, or private cloud.
Yugabyte cloud
Configure YugabyteDB Anywhere for deploying universes on various cloud providers.
Locally Laptop

Use YugabyteDB Anywhere

Deploy multi-region, multi-zone, and multi-cloud universes.
Modify universes and their nodes, upgrade YugabyteDB software.
Back up
Configure storage, back up and restore universe data.

Additional resources

Yugabyte University
Take free courses on YugabyteDB Anywhere Operations.
Automate tasks using the YugabyteDB Anywhere Terraform provider.