Automation in YugabyteDB Anywhere


Manage YugabyteDB Anywhere accounts and deployments using automation

Use the following automation tools to manage your YugabyteDB Anywhere installation and universes:

Automation Description
REST API Deploy and manage database universes using a REST API.
Terraform provider Provider for automating YugabyteDB Anywhere resources that are accessible via the API.


For access, automation tools require authentication in the form of an API token.

To obtain your API token:

  1. In YugabyteDB Anywhere, click the profile icon at the top right and choose User Profile.

  2. Under API Key management, copy your API token. If the API Token field is blank, click Generate Key, and then copy the resulting API token.

Generating a new API token invalidates your existing token. Only the most-recently generated API token is valid.

Account details

For some REST API commands, you may need one or more of the following account details:

  • Customer ID.

    To view your customer ID, click the Profile icon in the top right corner of the YugabyteDB Anywhere window, and choose User Profile.

  • Universe ID.

    Every universe has a unique ID. To obtain a universe ID in YugabyteDB Anywhere, click Universes in the left column, then click the name of the universe. The URL of the universe's Overview page ends with the universe's UUID. For example: