Starting with v2.2, Yugabyte follows a new release versioning convention for stable and preview (development) releases. The following sections cover the new release versioning convention and includes descriptions of stable and preview releases.

Release versioning convention

Yugabyte follows the semantic versioning (semver) convention for numbering release versions, modified slightly to use even and odd minor releases denote stable and development releases, respectively. Release versions follow the semantic versioning format of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, where non-negative integers are used for:

  • MAJOR — Includes substantial changes.
  • MINOR — Incremented when new features and changes are introduced.
    • EVEN — Stable minor release, intended for production deployments.
    • ODD — Preview minor release, intended for development and testing.
  • PATCH — Patches in a stable release (MAJOR.EVEN.PATCH) include bug fixes and revisions that do not break backward compatibility. For patches in the preview release series (MAJOR.ODD.PATCH), new features and changes are introduced that might break backward compatibility.

Examples are included in the relevant sections below.

Stable releases

Releases within stable release series, denoted by MAJOR.EVEN versioning, introduce fully tested new features and changes added since the last stable release. A stable release series is based on the preceding preview release series. For example, the v2.6 stable release series was based on the v2.5 preview release series. The current stable version is

Patch releases in a stable release series (MAJOR.EVEN.PATCH) include bug fixes and revisions that do not break backward compatibility.


Preview releases

Releases in the preview release series, denoted by MAJOR.ODD versioning, are under active development and incrementally introduces new features and changes and are intended for development, testing, and proof-of-concept projects. The v2.3 preview release series became the basis for the next v2.4 stable release series. The v2.6 stable release came from the v2.5 series. The current preview version is

Patch releases in the preview release series (MAJOR.ODD.PATCH) introduce new features, enhancements, and fixes.


The preview release series is not supported for production deployments.