Open source cloud-native distributed SQL database
Get started locally on your laptop
Download and install YugabyteDB on your laptop, create a cluster, and build a sample application.
Locally Laptop
Explore distributed SQL
Explore the features of distributed SQL, with examples.
Yugabyte cloud

Develop for YugabyteDB

Build a Hello World application
Use your favorite programming language to build an application that connects to a YugabyteDB cluster.
Connect using drivers and ORMs
Connect applications to your database using familiar third-party divers and ORMs and YugabyteDB Smart Drivers.
Use familiar APIs
Get up to speed quickly using YugabyteDB's PostgreSQL-compatible YSQL and Cassandra-based YCQL APIs.

Get under the hood

Learn how YugabyteDB achieves consistency and high availability.
Secure YugabyteDB with authentication, authorization, and encryption.
Configure core database services.