HMGET key field [field ...]
This command fetches one or more values for the given fields of the hash that is associated with the given key.

  • For every given `field`, (null) is returned if either `key` or `field` does not exist.
  • If `key` is associated with a non-hash data, an error is raised.
  • Return value

    Returns list of string values of the fields in the same order that was requested.


    $ HMSET yugahash area1 "Africa" area2 "America"
    $ HMGET yugahash area1 area2 area_none
    1) "Africa"
    2) "America"
    3) (null)

    See also

    hdel, hexists, hget, hgetall, hkeys, hlen, hmset, hset, hincrby, hstrlen, hvals