Supported projects

The following project is recommended for implementing Rust applications using the YugabyteDB YSQL API.

Project Documentation and Guides Example Apps
Diesel Documentation
Hello World
Diesel app

Learn how to establish a connection to a YugabyteDB database and begin basic CRUD operations using the Hello World examples.

For fully-runnable code snippets and explanations of common operations, see the example apps. Before running the example apps, make sure you have installed the prerequisites.


To develop Rust applications for YugabyteDB, you need the following:

  • Rust
    To download and install Rust, refer to the Rust documentation.
    To check the version of Rust, use the following command:

    $ rustc --version
  • Create a Rust project
    To create a new Rust project, run the following command:

    $ cargo new HelloWorld-rust

    This creates the project as HelloWorld-rust which consists of a Cargo.toml file (project metadata) and a src directory containing the main code file,

  • YugabyteDB cluster

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