Monitor YSQL connections

Connection metrics represent the cumulative number of connections to the YSQL backend per node. This includes various background connections, such as checkpointer, active connections count that only includes the client backend connections, newly established connections, and connections rejected over the maximum connection limit.

Connection metrics are only available in Prometheus format.

The following table describes key connection metrics.

Metric Unit Type Description
yb_ysqlserver_active_connection_total connections gauge The number of active client backend connections to YSQL server. If a client connection is executing a statement, it is considered an active connection. Any client connection not executing a statement is considered an idle connection.
yb_ysqlserver_connection_total connections gauge The total number of all connections to YSQL, which includes active connections, idle connections, and background connections.
yb_ysqlserver_max_connection_total connections gauge The maximum number of concurrent connections that a YSQL server can support at any given time. The default is 300. This value can be changed using the --ysql_max_connections YB-TServer flag.
yb_ysqlserver_connection_over_limit_total connections counter The number of connection requests rejected by the YSQL server over the maximum connection limit, based on yb_ysqlserver_max_connection_total.
yb_ysqlserver_new_connection_total connections counter The total number of connections established with the YSQL server since the start of the process.

These metrics can be aggregated across the entire cluster using appropriate aggregations.