An expression with operators is a compound expression that combines multiple expressions using built-in operators. The following sections discuss the YCQL operators in YugabyteDB.

Null operators

Operator Description
EXISTS, NOT EXISTS predicate for existence of a row
  • `EXISTS` and `NOT EXISTS` can only be used in the `IF` clause.

    Unary operators

    Operator Description
    - numeric negation
    + no-op
    NOT Logical (boolean) negation
  • Unary `-` and `+` can only be used with constant expressions such as `-77`.

    Binary operators

    Operator Description
    OR, AND Logical (boolean) expression
    =, !=, <, <=, >, >= Comparison expression
    + Addition, append, or prepend
    - Subtraction or removal
    * Multiplication. Not yet supported
    / Division. Not yet supported
    ISNULL, IS NOT NULL Not yet supported comparison expression.
  • The first argument of comparison operators must be a column. For example, `column_name = 7`.
  • Comparing `NULL` with others always yields a `false` value. Operator `ISNULL` or `IS NULL` must be used when comparing with `NULL`.
  • When `+` and `-` are applied to a NULL argument of `COUNTER` data type, the NULL expression is replaced with a zero value before the computation. When these operators are applied to a NULL expression of all other numeric data types, the computed value is always NULL.
  • Operator `+` either prepends or appends a value to a LIST while operator `-` removes elements from LIST.
  • Operator `+` inserts new distinct elements to a MAP or SET while operator `-` removes elements from them.