Create and populate table t3

Make sure that you read the section The data sets used by the code examples before running the script to create table "t3". In particular, it's essential that you have installed the pgcrypto extension.

The rows in table "t3" are inserted in random order. It has twenty-five rows of the Monday through Friday prices of a stock. This supports demonstrations of the lag() and lead() window functions. It is also used in the section Informal overview of function invocation using the OVER clause.

This ysqlsh script creates and populates able "t3". Save it as t3.sql.

-- Suppress the spurious warning that is raised
-- when the to-be-deleted table doesn't yet exist.
set client_min_messages = warning;
drop type if exists rt cascade;
drop table if exists t3;

create table t3(
  surrogate_pk uuid primary key,
  day date not null unique,
  price money not null);

insert into t3(surrogate_pk, day, price)
with v1 as (
    (to_date('15-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.01),
    (to_date('16-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.96),
    (to_date('17-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.10),
    (to_date('18-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.75),
    (to_date('19-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 20.07),
    (to_date('22-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.75),
    (to_date('23-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.69),
    (to_date('24-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.95),
    (to_date('25-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 20.47),
    (to_date('26-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 20.62),
    (to_date('29-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.77),
    (to_date('30-Sep-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.29),
    (to_date('01-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.86),
    (to_date('02-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.49),
    (to_date('03-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 19.48),
    (to_date('06-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.30),
    (to_date('07-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 16.78),
    (to_date('08-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 16.88),
    (to_date('09-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 16.21),
    (to_date('10-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 16.68),
    (to_date('13-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 18.86),
    (to_date('14-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 17.69),
    (to_date('15-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 15.95),
    (to_date('16-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 16.99),
    (to_date('17-Oct-2008', 'DD-Mon-YYYY'), 17.02)),
  v2 as (
      gen_random_uuid() as r,
    from v1)
from v2
order by r;

Now inspect its contents:

-- Notice the absence of "ORDER BY".
  to_char(day, 'Dy DD-Mon-YYYY') as "Day",
from t3;

  to_char(day, 'Dy DD-Mon-YYYY') as "Day",
from t3
order by day;

This is the result of the second SELECT. To make them easier to read, a blank line has been manually inserted here between the rows for each successive week.

       Day       | price
 Mon 15-Sep-2008 | $19.01
 Tue 16-Sep-2008 | $18.96
 Wed 17-Sep-2008 | $18.10
 Thu 18-Sep-2008 | $18.75
 Fri 19-Sep-2008 | $20.07

 Mon 22-Sep-2008 | $19.75
 Tue 23-Sep-2008 | $19.69
 Wed 24-Sep-2008 | $19.95
 Thu 25-Sep-2008 | $20.47
 Fri 26-Sep-2008 | $20.62

 Mon 29-Sep-2008 | $18.77
 Tue 30-Sep-2008 | $18.29
 Wed 01-Oct-2008 | $19.86
 Thu 02-Oct-2008 | $19.49
 Fri 03-Oct-2008 | $19.48

 Mon 06-Oct-2008 | $18.30
 Tue 07-Oct-2008 | $16.78
 Wed 08-Oct-2008 | $16.88
 Thu 09-Oct-2008 | $16.21
 Fri 10-Oct-2008 | $16.68

 Mon 13-Oct-2008 | $18.86
 Tue 14-Oct-2008 | $17.69
 Wed 15-Oct-2008 | $15.95
 Thu 16-Oct-2008 | $16.99
 Fri 17-Oct-2008 | $17.02