SQL statements [YSQL]

Categorized list of SQL statements

The YSQL statements are compatible with the SQL dialect that PostgreSQL supports. The sidebar lists all of the YSQL statements in alphabetical order. The following tables list them by category.

Data definition language (DDL)

Statement Description
ALTER DATABASE Change database definition
ALTER DOMAIN Change domain definition
ALTER FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER Change foreign data wrapper definition
ALTER FOREIGN TABLE Change foreign table definition
ALTER INDEX Change index definition
ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW Change materialized view definition
ALTER SEQUENCE Change sequence definition
ALTER SERVER Change foreign server definition
ALTER SCHEMA Change schema definition
ALTER TABLE Change table definition
COMMENT Set, update, or remove a comment on a database object
CREATE AGGREGATE Create an aggregate
CREATE CAST Create a cast
CREATE DATABASE Create a database
CREATE DOMAIN Create a user-defined data type with optional constraints
CREATE EXTENSION Load an extension
CREATE FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER Create a foreign-data wrapper
CREATE FOREIGN TABLE Create a foreign table
CREATE FUNCTION Create a function
CREATE INDEX Create an index
CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW Create a materialized view
CREATE OPERATOR Create an operator
CREATE OPERATOR CLASS Create an operator class
CREATE PROCEDURE Create a procedure
CREATE RULE Create a rule
CREATE SCHEMA Create a schema (namespace)
CREATE SEQUENCE Create a sequence generator
CREATE SERVER Create a foreign server
CREATE TABLE Create an empty table
CREATE TABLE AS Create a table from the results of a executing a SELECT
CREATE TABLESPACE Create a tablespace
CREATE TRIGGER Create a trigger
CREATE TYPE Create a type
CREATE USER MAPPING Create a user mapping
CREATE VIEW Create a view
DROP AGGREGATE Delete an aggregate
DROP CAST Delete a cast
DROP DATABASE Delete a database from the system
DROP DOMAIN Delete a domain
DROP EXTENSION Delete an extension
DROP FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER Drop a foreign-data wrapper
DROP FOREIGN TABLE Drop a foreign table
DROP FUNCTION Delete a function
DROP INDEX Delete an index from a database
DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW Drop a materialized view
DROP OPERATOR Delete an operator
DROP OPERATOR CLASS Delete an operator class
DROP PROCEDURE Delete a procedure
DROP RULE Delete a rule
DROP SCHEMA Delete a schema from the system
DROP SEQUENCE Delete a sequence generator
DROP SERVER Drop a foreign server
DROP TABLE Delete a table from a database
DROP TABLESPACE Delete a tablespace from the cluster
DROP TYPE Delete a user-defined type
DROP TRIGGER Delete a trigger
IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA Import a foreign schema
REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW Refresh a materialized view
TRUNCATE Clear all rows from a table

Data manipulation language (DML)

Statement Description
CLOSE Remove a cursor
DECLARE Create a cursor
DELETE Delete rows from a table
FETCH Fetch rows from a cursor
INSERT Insert rows into a table
MOVE Move the current position within a cursor
SELECT Select rows from a table
UPDATE Update rows in a table

Data control language (DCL)

Statement Description
ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES Define default privileges
ALTER GROUP Alter a group
ALTER POLICY Alter a row level security policy
ALTER ROLE Alter a role (user or group)
ALTER USER Alter a user
CREATE GROUP Create a group (role)
CREATE POLICY Create a row level security policy
CREATE ROLE Create a role (user or group)
CREATE USER Create a user (role)
DROP GROUP Drop a group
DROP POLICY Drop a row level security policy
DROP ROLE Drop a role (user or group)
DROP OWNED Drop owned objects
DROP USER Drop a user
GRANT Grant permissions
REASSIGN OWNED Reassign owned objects
REVOKE Revoke permissions
SET ROLE Set a role
SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION Set session authorization

Transaction control language (TCL)

Statement Description
ABORT Roll back a transaction
BEGIN Start a transaction
COMMIT Commit a transaction
END Commit a transaction
LOCK Lock a table
ROLLBACK Roll back a transaction
SET CONSTRAINTS Set constraints on current transaction
SET TRANSACTION Set transaction behaviors
SHOW TRANSACTION Show properties of a transaction
START TRANSACTION Start a transaction
SAVEPOINT Create a new savepoint
ROLLBACK TO Rollback to a savepoint
RELEASE Release a savepoint

Session and system control

Statement Description
RESET Reset a run-time parameter to its default value
SET Set the value of a run-time parameter
SHOW Show the value of a run-time parameter

Performance control

Statement Description
DEALLOCATE Deallocate a prepared statement
EXECUTE Execute a prepared statement
EXPLAIN Explain an execution plan for a statement
PREPARE Prepare a statement

Other statements

Statement Description
ANALYZE Collect statistics about a database
COPY Copy data between tables and files
DO Execute an anonymous PL/pgSQL code block