Default ports

Client APIs

Application clients connect to the following addresses:

API Port Server Flag (default)
YSQL 5433 YB-TServer --pgsql_proxy_bind_address
YCQL 9042 YB-TServer --cql_proxy_bind_address

Internode RPC communication

Internode (server-to-server or node-to-node) communication, including xCluster, is managed using RPC calls on the following addresses:

To enable login to the machines running these servers, the SSH port 22 should be opened.

xCluster uses the YB-Master port 7100 for the initial communication, and then uses the YB-TServer port 9100 to get data changes. Note that YugabyteDB Anywhere obtains the replication lag information using Prometheus metrics from YB-TServer at port 9000. If this port is closed, the xCluster replication is not affected, but YugabyteDB Anywhere would not be able to display the replication lag.

Before installing YugabyteDB or YugabyteDB Anywhere, or upgrading the YugabyteDB software on YugabyteDB Anywhere, the following ports must be open on all YugabyteDB nodes, and be reachable from YugabyteDB Anywhere nodes:

Service Port
YB Controller 18018
Node agent 9070

Admin web server

Admin web server UI can be viewed at the following addresses:

For clusters started using yugabyted, the YugabyteDB UI can be viewed at the following address:

Server Port Flag
YugabyteDB UI 15433 --ui (default is true)

Firewall rules

The following common ports are required for firewall rules:

Service Port
SSH 22
HTTP for YugabyteDB Anywhere 80
HTTP for YugabyteDB Anywhere (alternate) 8080
HTTPS for YugabyteDB Anywhere 443
HTTP for Replicated 8800
SSH ** 54422

** 54422 is a custom SSH port for universe nodes.

Prometheus monitoring

YugabyteDB servers expose time series performance metrics in the Prometheus exposition format on multiple HTTP endpoints that have the following structure:


You can access the Prometheus server on port 9090 of the YugabyteDB Anywhere node, and you can see the list of targets at http://<yugaware-ip>:9090/targets. In particular, note port 9300 for node-level metrics:

Service Port
Prometheus server for YugabyteDB Anywhere 9090
Node Exporter 9300

For information on using Prometheus with YugabyteDB, see Observability with Prometheus.


Use the following targets to monitor YB-TServer and YB-Master server metrics:

Server Target
YB-Master <yb-master-address>:7000
YB-TServer <yb-tserver-address>:9000
YugabyteDB UI <yb-tserver-address>:15433


Use the following YB-TServer targets for the various API metrics:

API Target
YSQL <yb-tserver-address>:13000
YCQL <yb-tserver-address>:12000