HINCRBY key field delta
This command adds delta to the number that is associated with the given field field for the hash key. The numeric value must a 64-bit signed integer.

  • If the `key` does not exist, a new hash container is created. If the field `field` does not exist in the hash container, the associated string is set to "0".
  • If the given `key` is not associated with a hash type, or if the string associated with `field` cannot be converted to an integer, an error is raised.
  • Return value

    Returns the value after addition.


    $ HSET yugahash f1 5
    $ HINCRBY yugahash f1 3
    $ HINCRBY yugahash non-existent-f2 4
    $ HINCRBY non-existent-yugahash f1 3

    See also

    hexists, hget, hgetall, hkeys, hlen, hmget, hmset, hset, hincrby, hstrlen, hvals