Deploy on multiple geo-distributed Kubernetes clusters

Deploy on multiple Kubernetes clusters

Deploy YugabyteDB natively on multiple Kubernetes clusters.

As described in the Kubernetes documentation, a single Kubernetes cluster can run only inside a single zone of a single region. This means workloads will be distributed across multiple nodes of a single Kubernetes cluster running in a single region. When geo-distributed SQL workloads such as YugabyteDB need to run on Kubernetes, the preferred approach is to create a single YugabyteDB cluster that spans multiple zones of a single Kubernetes cluster or multiple geo-distributed Kubernetes clusters.

Google Kubernetes Engine can be configured to support global DNS across multiple Kubernetes clusters. For example, you can deploy a three-region YugabyteDB cluster on three Kubernetes clusters, each deployed in a different region, using the standard single-zone YugabyteDB Helm chart to deploy one third of the nodes in the database cluster in each of the three clusters.