Verify deployment

You now have a cluster/universe on six nodes with a replication factor of 3. Assume their IP addresses are,,,,, and YB-Master servers are running on only the first three of these nodes.

View the master UI dashboard

You should now be able to view the master dashboard on the IP address of any master. In this example, this is one of the following URLs:



If this is a public cloud deployment, remember to use the public IP for the nodes, or a HTTP proxy to view these pages.

Connect clients

Clients can connect to YSQL API at the following addresses:,,,,,

Clients can connect to YCQL API at the following addresses:,,,,,

Default ports reference

The preceding deployment uses the following default ports:

Service Type Port
yb-master RPC 7100
yb-master Admin web server 7000
yb-tserver RPC 9100
yb-tserver Admin web server 9000
ycql RPC 9042
ycql Admin web server 12000
ysql RPC 5433
ysql Admin web server 13000

For more information on ports used by YugabyteDB, refer to Default ports.