Legal information

Legal information

Learn about YugabyteDB licenses and third-party software.


Source code in the YugabyteDB repository is variously licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and the Polyform Free Trial License 1.0.0. A copy of each license can be found in the licenses directory.

The build produces two sets of binaries:

  • The entire database with all its features (including the enterprise ones) are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.
  • The binaries that contain -managed in the artifact and help run a managed service are licensed under the Polyform Free Trial License 1.0.0.

By default, the build options generate only the Apache License 2.0 binaries.

Individual contributor license agreement (CLA)

As an open-source project with a strong focus on the user community, Yugabyte welcomes contributions from individuals as GitHub pull requests. When you submit a pull request for the first time, you'll be notified to sign the YugabyteDB Individual Contributor License Agreement.

Third-party software

Yugabyte proudly participates in the open-source community and appreciates all open source contributions that are incorporated in the YugabyteDB project. For acknowledgements and a listing of third-party open-source software components, see Third party software.