Node.js drivers and ORMs


Supported projects

The following projects are recommended for implementing Node applications using the YugabyteDB YSQL and YCQL APIs.

Project Documentation and Guides Latest Driver Version Supported YugabyteDB Version
YugabyteDB node-postgres Smart Driver Documentation
8.7.3-yb-1 2.8 and above
PostgreSQL node-postgres Driver Documentation
8.7.3 2.6 and above
YugabyteDB Node.js Driver for YCQL Documentation 4.0.0
Project Documentation and Guides Example Apps
Sequelize Documentation
Hello World
Sequelize ORM App
Prisma Documentation
Hello World
Prisma ORM App

Learn how to establish a connection to a YugabyteDB database and begin basic CRUD operations by referring to Connect an app or Use an ORM.

For reference documentation, including using projects with SSL, refer to the drivers and ORMs reference pages.


To develop Node.js applications for YugabyteDB, you need the following:

  • Node.js
    To download and install Node.js, refer to the Node.js documentation.
    To check the version of node, use the following command:

    node -v
  • Create a node.js project
    Create a file with the .js extension (for example app.js), which can be run using the following command:

    node app.js
  • YugabyteDB cluster

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