Docs page structure

Structure of a documentation page

All documentation pages must start with frontmatter as shown below.

title: SEO-Title-Browser-Tab-Title
headerTitle: Doc-Page-Title
linkTitle: Navigation-Link
description: SEO-Meta-Description
headcontent: Brief-description
image: Icon-For-Page-Title
    identifier: page-identifier
    parent: parent-page-identifier
    weight: number-to-decide-display-order
type: docs
showRightNav: true
  showH4: true

Mandatory frontmatter attributes

Field name Description
title Title text to display in browser tab and search engine results. This should be unique to the page.
headerTitle Title text to appear as the page title
linkTitle Title text to display in the navigation bar and breadcrumbs
description Description text to display in search results. This should be unique to the page.
headcontent Subtitle text below the headerTitle
menu Needs a menu name as defined in menus.toml.
identifier ID for the page. The page identifier must be unique within the scope of the menu.
parent The page's parent in the left nav. Required unless the page is a top-level page.
weight Determines menu ordering. Pages of lower weight display higher in the menu. Entries of equal weight are ordered alphabetically.
type Must be docs or indexpage. See types of pages.

Optional frontmatter attributes

Field name Default Description
image N/A Optional icon displayed next to the title (index pages only)
layout (depends) On pages of type: indexpage (where the filename is not _index.*), set layout: list to get Hugo to render the page image. You may also need to set layout: single on files of type: docs with a name of _index.* to force Hugo to render them as regular pages.
showRightNav (depends) Controls display of the TOC on the right. For pages of type: docs, default is true. For pages of type: indexpage, default is false.
rightNav: > hideH4 false Controls whether H4 elements show up in the TOC on the right. Set this to true to show only heading levels 2 and 3 in the right nav.

Types of pages

There are two different types of documentation pages: index pages, and content pages.

Index pages have links to subtopics in a topic. These pages are generally named _index.html or, and have type: indexpage in their frontmatter.

Content pages contain information about topics. These pages are named in the format, and have type: docs in their frontmatter.