Operating system support


The following operating systems and architectures are supported for deploying YugabyteDB.

Unless otherwise noted, operating systems are supported by all supported versions of YugabyteDB and YugabyteDB Anywhere. YugabyteDB Anywhere added support for deploying YugabyteDB to ARM-based systems for non-Kubernetes platforms in v2.18.

Operating system x86 ARM Notes
AlmaLinux 8 Recommended for production
Recommended development platform
Default for YugabyteDB Anywhere-deployed nodes
AlmaLinux 9
Amazon Linux 2 Supported in v2.18.0 and later
Deprecated in v2.20
Amazon Linux 2 (ARM, CIS-hardened) Supported in v2.20.x. Database performance in this environment varies both due to CIS-hardening and ARM. For more information, contact Yugabyte Support.
CentOS 7 Deprecated in v2.20
Oracle Linux 7 Deprecated in v2.20
Oracle Linux 8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Deprecated in v2.20
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Recommended for production
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 Supported in v2.20.3 and later. EA
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 EA
Ubuntu 18 Deprecated in v2.20
Ubuntu 20
Ubuntu 22 Supported in v2.18.5, v2.20.1