SETRANGE key offset value

This command overwrites the string that is associated with the given key with the given value, starting from the given offset.

  • The offset cannot exceed 536870911.
  • If the offset is larger than the length of the specified string, the string will be padded with zeros up to the offset.
  • If the key does not exist, its associated string is an empty string. The resulted new string is constructed with zeros up to the given offset and then appended with the given value.
  • If the key is associated with a non-string value, an error is raised.

Return value

Returns the length of the resulted string after overwriting.


$ SET yugakey "YugaKey"
$ SETRANGE yugakey 4 "Byte"
$ GET yugakey

See also

append, get, getrange, getset, incr, incrby, set, strlen