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Visual Studio Code-specific

A lot of the information on this page is specific to Visual Studio Code. If you use another editor, and would like to update this page to include it, please do so!


To install an extension in Visual Studio Code, click the Extensions icon in the left nav, or press Cmd-Shift-X, and search for the extension by name.

Extensions to make doc writing easier

  • GitHub Pull Requests and Issues, by GitHub: Pretty good pull request support. Not perfect, and can get confused with large PRs, but handy on a regular basis.

  • GitLens — Git supercharged, by Eric Amodio: Useful Git tooling, including per-line blame/history.

  • Markdown Preview Enhanced, by Yiyi Wang: Even nicer Markdown previews.

  • markdownlint, by David Anson: Lints your markdown formatting to catch errors and inconsistencies.

  • Vale, by errata-ai: Prose linter. Very powerful, very extensible. (Also available for Atom). Be sure to turn on "Vale > Core: Use CLI" in your Visual Studio Code settings.

  • Sort Lines, by Daniel Imms: Adds better sorting options. In particular, natural sort order for strings makes [10] come after [9].

Extensions for better language support

Use these as necessary. If you don't need a particular extension, don't install it.

  • Better TOML, by bungcip: Makes reading Netlify configuration files nicer.

  • Dart, by Dart Code

  • Docker, by Microsoft

  • ESLint, by Dirk Baeumer: The JavaScript linter.

  • Flutter, by Dart Code

  • Spectral, by Stoplight: Lints OpenAPI specs and any other YAML/JSON you want.

  • YAML, by Red Hat

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