Build an application using Python

Install the Python driver

Install the Python driver using the following command.

$ sudo pip install yedis

Working example


This tutorial assumes that you have:

  • installed YugabyteDB, created a universe, and are able to interact with it using the Redis shell. If not, follow the steps in Quick start.

Write the HelloWorld Python application

Create a file and add the following content to it.

import redis

# Create the cluster connection.
r = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379)

# Insert the user profile.
userid = 1
user_profile = {"name": "John", "age": "35", "language": "Python"}
r.hmset(userid, user_profile)
print "Inserted userid=1, profile=%s" % user_profile

# Query the user profile.
print r.hgetall(userid)

Run the application

To run the application, type the following:

$ python

You should see the following output.

Inserted userid=1, profile={'age': '35', 'name': 'John', 'language': 'Python'}
{'age': '35', 'name': 'John', 'language': 'Python'}