Data types [YSQL]

Data types

The following table lists the primitive and compound data types in YSQL.

Data type Alias Description
array One-dimensional or multidimensional rectilinear array of any data type payload
bigint int8 Signed eight-byte integer
bigserial serial8 Autoincrementing eight-byte integer
bit [ (n) ] 1 Fixed-length bit string
bit varying [ (n) ] 1 varbit [ (n) ] Variable-length bit string
boolean bool Logical boolean (true/false)
box 1 Rectangular box
bytea Binary data
character [ (n) ] char [ (n) ] Fixed-length character string
character varying [ (n) ] varchar [ (n) ] Variable-length character string
cidr 1 IPv4 or IPv6 network address
circle 1 Circle on a plane
date Calendar date (year, month, day)
double precision float8 Double precision floating-point number (8 bytes)
inet 1 IPv4 or IPv6 host address
integer int, int4 Signed four-byte integer
interval [ fields ] [ (p) ] Time span
json 1 Textual JSON data
jsonb 1 Binary JSON data, decomposed
line 1 Infinite line on a plane
lseg 1 Line segment on a plane
macaddr 1 Media Access Control (MAC) address
macaddr8 1 Media Access Control (MAC) address (EUI-64 format)
money Currency amount
numeric [ (p, s) ] decimal [ (p, s) ] Exact fixed-point numeric
path 1 Geometric path on a plane
pg_lsn 1 Log Sequence Number
point 1 Geometric point
polygon 1 Closed geometric path
real float4 Floating-point number (4 bytes)
smallint int2 Signed two-byte integer
int4range integer range
int8range bigint range
numrange numeric range
tsrange timestamp without time zone range
tstzrange timestamp with time zone range
daterange date range
smallserial serial2 Autoincrementing two-byte integer
serial serial4 Autoincrementing four-byte integer
text Variable-length character string
time [ (p) ] [ without time zone ] Time of day (no time zone)
time [ (p) ] with time zone timetz Time of day, including time zone
timestamp [ (p) ] [ without time zone ] Date and time (no time zone)
timestamp [ (p) ] with time zone timestamptz Date and time, including time zone
tsquery 1 Text search query
tsvector 1 Text search document
txid_snapshot 1 Transaction ID snapshot
uuid Universally unique identifier
xml 2 XML data

1 Table columns of this type cannot be part of an INDEX KEY.

2 Under development.