FROZEN data type


Use the FROZEN data type to specify columns of binary strings that result from serializing collections, tuples, or user-defined types.


type_specification ::= FROZEN<type>


  • type is a well-formed YCQL data type (additional restrictions for type are covered in the Semantics section below).


  • Columns of type FROZEN can be part of the PRIMARY KEY.
  • Type parameters of FROZEN type must be either collection types (LIST, MAP, or SET) or user-defined types.
  • FROZEN types can be parameters of collection types.
  • For any valid frozen type parameter type, values of type are convertible into FROZEN<type>.


ycqlsh:example> CREATE TABLE directory(file FROZEN<LIST<TEXT>> PRIMARY KEY, value BLOB);
ycqlsh:example> INSERT INTO directory(file, value) VALUES([ 'home', 'documents', 'homework.doc' ], 0x);
ycqlsh:example> INSERT INTO directory(file, value) VALUES([ 'home', 'downloads', 'textbook.pdf' ], 0x12ab21ef);
ycqlsh:example> UPDATE directory SET value = 0xab00ff WHERE file = [ 'home', 'documents', 'homework.doc' ];
ycqlsh:example> SELECT * FROM directory;
 file                                  | value
 ['home', 'downloads', 'textbook.pdf'] | 0x12ab21ef
 ['home', 'documents', 'homework.doc'] |   0xab00ff

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