Build applications using ORMs

Build applications using ORMs

Learn how to use your favorite ORM with YugabyteDB

An ORM tool is used to store the domain objects of an application into the database tables, handle database access, and map their object-oriented domain classes into the database tables. It simplifies the CRUD operations on your domain objects and allows the evolution of domain objects to be applied to the database tables.

The examples in this section illustrate how you can build a basic online e-commerce store application that connects to YugabyteDB by implementing a REST API server using the ORM of your choice.

The source for the REST API-based applications is in the Using ORMs with YugabyteDB repository. Database access is managed using the ORM and includes the following tables:

  • users — the users of the e-commerce site
  • products — the products being sold
  • orders — the orders placed by the users
  • orderline — each line item of an order

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