Docs checklist

Quick notes

  • File issues in GitHub.
    • Internal users: file YugabyteDB Anywhere and YugabyteDB Managed issues in Jira.
  • Docs are written in Markdown and built using the Hugo static site generator.
  • For live previews as you work, install the command-line tools (macOS), Node.js, and Hugo. (See How to build the docs.)
  • Pull requests:
    • Open PRs against a fork of the yugabyte/yugabyte-db repository.
    • Add tag "area/documentation".
    • Internal users: add to project Documentation, and assign a member of the docs team as a reviewer.

File docs issues and make suggestions

Regardless of the type of problem (such as errors, bad links, out-of-date content, or new features), if you don't intend to edit the docs and make a pull request right away to fix the problem, please create an issue in GitHub or Jira (Yugabyte internal users only) to track the problem.

Every YugabyteDB docs page has a Contribute button that lets you file an issue or make a suggestion, both of which help you to create a GitHub issue. You can also create an issue directly from GitHub.

The GitHub issue template starts your issue title with [docs] for faster scanning, and adds the area/documentation label. You can also add the section of the docs (for example, [docs] [troubleshooting]) for added context.

Internal users, add a member of the docs team as a reviewer, in addition to any other technical reviewers, and add your ticket directly to the Documentation project.

Make changes

If you spot a problem on a page (typos, spelling and grammar, minor page updates, broken links, and so on) the Contribute button has an Edit this page option that takes you to the page in GitHub. If you are signed in, you can edit the page and propose the change. GitHub will automatically create a branch for you.

For more complex changes, you'll need to build the docs and submit pull requests.

Find the right page or section

Use the overview of sections to help you find the page you want to edit, or the correct section for a new page you want to add.

Run the docs site locally

Follow the instructions in Build the docs to fork the repository and get the docs site running on your local machine.

Edit the docs

Follow the instructions in Edit the docs to make your changes (read the docs style guide, too!) and submit a pull request.

Submit a pull request

Congratulations on the change! You should now submit a pull request for review and leave a message on the Slack channel. After it's reviewed and approved, your docs change will get merged in.