CLIs and command line tools

Command line tools

Tools for interacting with, configuring, and managing YugabuyteDB

YugabyteDB ships with a variety of tools to interact with, manage, and configure your cluster. Each tool has been designed for a specific purpose. The following illustration shows which tools operate on which parts of the cluster.

Tools and their purpose


For information about yugabyted and configuring YB-Master and YB-TServer services, refer to Configuration.

Values with hypen

For all the command line tools, when passing in an argument with values starting with a hyphen, eg., -1, add a double hyphen (--) at the end of other arguments followed by the argument name and value. This tells the binary to treat those arguments as positional eg., to specify set_flag ysql_select_parallelism -1, you need to do,

yb-ts-cli [other args] -- set_flag ysql_select_parallelism -1