Build apps using C# drivers and ORMs


Supported projects

The following projects can be used to implement C# applications using the YugabyteDB YSQL API.

Project Documentation and Guides Latest Driver Version Supported YugabyteDB Version
YugabyteDB C# Driver for YSQL [Recommended] Documentation
8.0.0-yb-1-beta 2.8 and later
PostgreSQL Npgsql Driver Documentation
6.0.3 2.6 and later
YugabyteDB C# Driver for YCQL Documentation 3.6.0
Project Documentation and Guides Example Apps
Entity Framework Documentation
Hello World
Entity Framework ORM App
Dapper Hello World Dapper ORM App

Learn how to establish a connection to a YugabyteDB database and begin basic CRUD operations by referring to Connect an app or Use an ORM.

For reference documentation, including using projects with SSL, refer to the drivers and ORMs reference pages.


To develop C# applications for YugabyteDB, you need the following:

  • .NET SDK
    Install .NET SDK 6.0 or later. To download it for your supported OS, visit Download .NET.

  • Create a C# project
    For ease-of-use, use an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio. To download and install Visual Studio, visit the Visual Studio Downloads page.

    • To create a C# project in Visual Studio, select Console Application as template when creating a new project.

    • If you are not using an IDE, use the following dotnet command:

      dotnet new console -o new_project_name
  • YugabyteDB cluster

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