DocDB replication layer

DocDB replication layer

Learn how synchronous and asynchronous replication work in DocDB.

This section describes how replication works in DocDB. The data in a DocDB table is split into tablets. By default, each tablet is synchronously replicated using the Raft algorithm across various nodes or fault domains (such as availability zones/racks/regions/cloud providers).

YugabyteDB also provides other advanced replication features. These include two forms of asynchronous replication of data:

  • xCluster - Data is asynchronously replicated between different YugabyteDB universes - both unidirectional replication (master-slave) or bidirectional replication across two universes.
  • Read replicas - The in-universe asynchronous replicas are called read replicas.

The YugabyteDB synchronous replication architecture is inspired by Google Spanner.

The YugabyteDB xCluster replication architecture is inspired by RDBMS databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.