Software requirements for universe nodes

Prepare a VM for deployment in a universe

The Linux OS and other software components on each database cluster node must meet the following minimum software requirements.

Depending on the provider type and permissions you grant, you may have to install all of these requirements manually, or YugabyteDB Anywhere (YBA) will install it all automatically.

Linux OS

YBA supports deploying YugabyteDB on a variety of operating systems.

AlmaLinux OS 8 disk images are used by default, but you can specify a custom disk image and OS.

Additional software

YBA requires the following additional software to be pre-installed on nodes:

  • Python 3.6-3.8

  • Install the python selinux package corresponding to your version of python. For example, using pip, you can install as follows:

    python3 -m pip install selinux

    Alternately, if you are using the default version of python3, you might be able to install the python3-libselinux package.

  • OpenSSH Server. Allowing SSH is recommended but optional. Using SSH can be skipped in some on-premises deployment approaches; all other workflows require it. Tectia SSH is also supported.

  • tar

  • unzip

  • policycoreutils-python-utils

Additional software for airgapped deployment

Additionally, if not connected to the public Internet (that is, airgapped); and not connected to a local Yum repository that contains the additional software, database cluster nodes must also have the following additional software pre-installed:

  • libcgroup and libcgroup-tools (for planned future use of the cgconfig service, for cgroups; can be omitted for YBA versions earlier than v2024.1)
  • rsync, openssl (all linux)
  • semanage-utils (for Debian-based systems)
  • glibc-locale-source, glibc-langpack-en
  • libatomic (for Redhat-based aarch64)
  • libatomic1, libncurses6 (for Debian-based aarch64)
  • chrony (for time synchronization). When using a Public Cloud Provider, chrony is the only choice. When using an On-Premises provider, chrony is recommended, but ntpd is also an alternative option.