Schedule universe backups

Create backup schedules to regularly back up universe data

You can use YugabyteDB Anywhere to perform regularly scheduled backups of YugabyteDB universe data for all tables in a database (YSQL) or keyspace (YCQL) or only the specified tables (YCQL only).

To back up your universe data immediately, see Back up universe data.

To schedule backups, backups must be enabled for the universe. On the universe Tables tab, click Actions to verify that backups are enabled. If disabled, click Enable Backup.

Create a scheduled backup policy

Before scheduling a backup of your universe data, create a policy, as follows:

  1. Select the Backups tab and then select Scheduled Backup Policies.

  2. Click Create Scheduled Backup Policy to open the dialog shown in the following illustration:

    Create Backup form

  3. Provide the backup policy name.

  4. Select the API type for the backup.

  5. Select the backup storage configuration. The available configurations depend on your existing backup storage configurations. For more information, see Configure backup storage.

  6. Select the database/keyspace to back up.

  7. For YCQL backups, you can choose to back up all tables in the keyspace to which the database belongs or only certain tables. If you choose Select a subset of tables, a Select Tables dialog opens allowing you to select one or more tables to back up. When finished, click Confirm.

  8. Specify the period of time during which the backup is to be retained. Note that there's an option to never delete the backup.

  9. Specify the interval between backups or select Use cron expression (UTC).

  10. Enable Take incremental backups within full backup intervals to instruct the schedule policy to take full backups periodically and incremental backups between those full backups (YugabyteDB Anywhere version 2.16 or later, and YugabyteDB version 2.16 or later only). The incremental backups intervals must be shorter than the full scheduled backup frequency:

    Incremental Backup

    If you disable the full backup, the incremental backup stops. If you enable the full backup again, the incremental backup schedule starts on new full backups.

    If you delete the main full backup schedule, the incremental backup schedule is also deleted.

    You cannot modify any incremental backup-related property in the schedule; to overwrite any incremental backup property, you have to delete the existing schedule and create a new schedule if needed.

  11. If you are using YugabyteDB Anywhere version prior to 2.16 to manage universes with YugabyteDB version prior to 2.16, you can optionally specify the number of threads that should be available for the backup process.

  12. Click Create.

Subsequent backups are created based on the value you specified for Set backup intervals or Use cron expression.

Disable backups

You can disable all backups, including scheduled ones, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the universe's Tables tab.
  2. Click Actions > Disable Backup.

Delete a scheduled backup

You can permanently remove a scheduled backup, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the universe's Backups tab.
  2. Find the scheduled backup in the Backups list and click ... > Delete Backup.

To delete a policy, select Scheduled Backup Policies, find the policy and click its Actions > Delete Policy.