Prepare your infrastructure

Prepare cloud permissions, networking, and servers for YugabyteDB Anywhere

YugabyteDB Anywhere is a control plane used to deploy and manage YugabyteDB database clusters.

To prepare your infrastructure for YugabyteDB Anywhere, you need to do the following:

  • Configure cloud permissions

    If you are using a public cloud provider (AWS, GCP, or Azure) or Kubernetes, you need to configure your cloud environment with the appropriate users and security permissions required by YBA.

    If you are using an on-premises provider, no cloud permissions are required. However, if you back up to a cloud object store, use a cloud KMS, or export logs, metrics, or data to a cloud service, you may need to set up some permissions.

  • Configure networking

    YugabyteDB Anywhere requires access to specific ports on the server where it is installed, as well as access to the servers or VMs that it deploys for use in database clusters.

  • Prepare a server for YugabyteDB Anywhere

    You must prepare a server where you will install YugabyteDB Anywhere. This server must meet the following prerequisites:

    • Minimum hardware requirements for architecture, CPU, and disk
    • Minimum software requirements, including Linux OS and additional software and utilities
  • Prepare servers for database nodes

    The nodes that YugabyteDB Anywhere deploys for use in a YugabyteDB database cluster need to be provisioned for use with YugabyteDB. This includes the following: